Cyrine, Playmaker in Lebanon

Cyrine Nabulsy is a Playmaker in Lebanon. In Lebanon the program ‘GAME Democracy Makers’ ran until the end of 2015.  The program focuses on gender equality and integration of Syrian refugees. Cyrine tells how she feels that GAME and the program has helped to disseminate gender equality in Lebanon.

Name: Cyrine Nabulsy
Age: 21
Role in GAME: Playmaker
GAME zone: Bourj el Barajneh, Lebanon

Positive attitudes toward gender equality
-GAME is what I would define as a very important factor in the process of creating positive attitudes toward gender equality here in Lebanon. It is a great pleasure to be a part of a project which – trough sport activities – leads to better conditions for marginalized groups in the society. It really warms my heart to see how we ‘educate’ small boys with a mentality of accepting men and women on equal terms.

The program ‘GAME Democracy Makers’
-In order to make the Playmakers and the players in the zones understand the concept of gender equality, GAME worked on ‘GAME Democracy Makers’ in 2013. This project was introduced to us Playmakers through a workshop, and was carried out in the zones for our players. More concrete us Playmakers started to learn children about gender equality through drills from our compendium. We saw how the children started to accept the fact that boys and girls have equal rights. Week after week and month after month it became much easier. Now our sport practices are based on gender equality and I think it is going very well. For instance do we see an increased number of girls participating in sport activities in every GAME zone. We see as well how the parents are keener on the project and how they start to advocate for gender equality- in the sense that more parents accept and support the idea of their daughters doing sport, and that it is their right to do so. Boys at the sport practices finally accept that girls can play sport just like themselves.
The community seemed in the first place to find it strange that girls are wearing sportswear and heading toward the zone, but now they got used to it- and they like it.

Their mind-set has changed
-Finally I can say that obviously, the sport player’s behaviour has transformed and their mind-set has changed. I am sure that we will continue working with the issue of gender equality in the zones. I do wish that gender equality would be a natural way of thinking and acting out all over the world – that is how we make the world a better place.
Organizations as GAME are definitely a big resource in this movement.