If you observe or are exposed to misconduct from GAME, its staff, volunteers or any people representing GAME, it is very important that you let us know.

GAME recommends that minor issues are raised and resolved locally as close to the action as possible. You can do so by telling our local staff that will then deal with the complaint accordingly to the nature of the complaint.

However, serious misconduct should be reported through GAME’s complaint channels you find here. The same goes for any complaints to local staff that you find have been neglected.

You can report on:
– Corruption, fraud, theft and other financial misconduct
– Sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse
– Failure to ensure staff safety
– Discrimination
– Assault
– Harassment, bullying and verbal abuse

You can also write this email address or call our Focal Point on Complaints Ida Brix on +45 2628 6553.

Confidentiality is core at our complaint mechanism and restricts access to and dissemination of information coming from any complaints.

Link to complaint form.

Anonymous reporting
You may report a complaint or concern anonymously, but the outcome of our investigation may be limited by the amount of information available. You can also choose to report your complaint via a GAME staff that knows your identity. In that way we have a better possibility to seek and pass on information to the parties involved in order to investigate a complaint or concern.

Whether anonymous or not, the complaint or concern you raise and the information you are willing to share will be the passed to a taskforce on complaints in GAME consisting of three people representing the Board of Directors, Executive Management and Arbejdsmiljøorganisation. The information will constitute investigations, actions and resolution. The information you submit will be treated confidentially and where the law or the investigation requires information to be shared, this will be done sensitively.

Complaints made in good faith
Complaints should be made in good faith. GAME guarantees that no complainant will be met by retaliation or face repercussions if complaint is reported in good faith.

However, persons who make a complaint that they know to be false may be subject to disciplinary proceedings or other administrative action.

Do not use in case of emergency
Please note, that this is not an emergency service. Do not use this form to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.

Link to complaint form.

GAME’s Complaint Mechanism Principles are based on safeguarding. Our procedures are set to protect all from any harm – this being especially important as a considerate part of children and youth participating in or being affected by GAME’s activities are among the most vulnerable.

Safeguarding staff, volunteers and GAME operations from false accusations is also a principle for the Complaint Mechanism Principles.

The Compliant Mechanism is set to prevent and activate actions towards any harm or wrongdoing and to help us learn and improve our work.

• All complaints will be handled!
• Each complaint must be investigated fairly, always neutral and objective, paying attention to detail and with appropriate documentation.
• Every employee and volunteer are responsible for knowing ways to report complaints and concerns.
• Managers are responsible for the empowering and training of staff and volunteers on ways to report complaints and concerns.
• Confidentiality and privacy of the concerned parties will be protected as far as is possible, unless prohibited by law.
• Any misconduct must be rectified, and measures taken to prevent it happening again.
• Any misconduct must have consequences that are proportionate to the seriousness of the violation.

Complaints are always distributed to a taskforce consisting of one representative from the Board of Directors, Executive Management Team and Arbejdsmiljøorganisationen respectively. This taskforce will analyze the complaint and plan actions in case the complaint demands investigation.