Urban Music School

Rap Workshop for women

GAME has in cooperation with some of the coolest female artists, put up a rap workshop which takes place from 13th of august 2019. Texts will be written, work on artistic expressions will be perfected and there will be recorded and performed.

The rapper Anna Vigsø is behind the project, with support from Statens Kunstfond. She has put up collaboration with people like Karen Mukupa, Annelise, MorUgle and KCL. They will act as guest coaches in Annas teaching. All recording mix and mastering of the records will be arranged be the prominent hiphop producer Xeren.

The workshop are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is for two age groups – 14-18 years (04.00 pm – 05.00 pm) and 19-25 years (05.30 pm – 06.30 pm).

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Beat Production in “Logic”

In GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen’s Urban Music School we have created a class with sign up in Beat Production.

The Producer School is established by the professional producer Benjamin Winberg, who also goes by the artist name Yuwanit.

The purpose of the course is to give the students knowledge about how to create a completed music numbers from start to finish as well as tools and techniques to be able to further develop their own sound. Here we have classes for both beginners and experienced producers, all of whom are undergoing a course tailored by Benjamin Winberg. Throughout his 7 years as a musician and co-owner of the independent record label Affiliated, he has worked with a wide range of both established and ‘upcoming’ artists as well as composers, where he has also acquired strong skills as a songwriter, topliner and general knowledge of the music industry. The Producer School is a new initiative and in a short time has achieved success and returning students.

Beat Production – 10 lessons of 2 hours per lesson.

Team Tuesday (Beginners): First lesson on 8th of October – Last lesson on 17th of December, 05.00-07.00 pm.
Price = Free.
Signup = Opening soon.

Team Thursday (Experienced): First lesson on 10th of October – Last lesson on 19th of December, 05.00-07.00 pm.
Price = 1.000 DKK
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Only 6 students on each team
Teacher: Benjamin Yuwanit Winberg

About the Beat Production:
The purpose for the Beat Production is to give the students knowledge, tools and techniques so they themselves can develop further with their own sound, and also to give them a better understanding of the opportunities within Beat Production. The classes will be done in “Logic”, and home tasks may occur.