GAME Denmark
GAME was founded in Denmark in 2002 with a mission to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture. GAME’s headquarter is located in the country capital, Copenhagen, where the first asphalted GAME House was introduced in 2010

GAME Denmark is making a social change via youth-led street sports and culture. The Playmaker Program (DK) offers training and empowerment of young volunteers to be street sports coaches and role-models, driving trainings in street sports for local children. The Danish Platform for Street Sports (DK) is supporting entrepreneurs and their street sports initiatives and in the GAME Houses numerous partnerships and projects add to the impact that the houses delivers, like the Urban Music School (DK).

Currently, GAME Denmark runs practices in four GAME Houses and via the Playmaker Program (DK) in a number of GAME Zones spread across the country. 

GAME Denmark is also engaged in psychosocial projects, more recently ‘Asphalt Meet-Up’, which empowers children with psychosocial challenges through the means of parkour.   


Playmaker Program in Denmark

GAME Playmakers are young volunteers, who want to make a difference for children and youth in underserved communities in Denmark or in the GAME Houses.

The Playmakers help organize and lead weekly training sessions in street basketball, street soccer, street dance, parkour and other street sport disciplines.  

Read more about our Playmaker Program in Denmark here (DK).  

The GAME Houses

GAME has four asphalted street sports houses in Denmark:

GAME House in Copenhagen (DK),
GAME House in Esbjerg (DK)
GAME House in Aalborg (DK) and
GAME House in Viborg (DK).

All the GAME Houses, which are known as GAME Streetmekkas, have given new life to old industrial buildings which compliments the urban street culture architecture.

The GAME Houses are both social hubs for positive communities to unfold and multifunctional spaces to practice street sports in.


It is possible to book one of the GAME Houses in Denmark for different purposes.

Meetings, events, conferences (DK)  – all our GAME Houses have good and inspiring facilities for almost all purposes.

Teambuilding – get inspired and see more about teambuilding in GAME here (DK).

Schools and institutions often use the GAME Houses as an alternative space for learning, either with own teachers or experienced GAME instructors, or you can book for meetings, conferences etc.

Get more info about booking here (DK) or contact us to discuss what, where and how at

GAME & Friends

GAME & Friends partners support GAME’s work by donating 50.000 to 150.000 DKK per year to support our local and global impact and in return they can use the unique GAME Houses in Denmark for events, meetings etc.

This partnership typically appeals to companies close to our GAME Houses or who has specific thematic connections to GAME’s activities.

Please, see more about GAME & Friends here (DK).

GAME Finals

Hold fra hele Danmark mødes på asfalten, når GAME for 12. år i træk afholder DM i 3X3 streetbasket i samarbejde med DBBF den 28. – 29. august på Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads i København. Tilmeld jer her.

GAME Finals er det officielle DM i streetbasket. Her vil Danmarks mest talentfulde streetbasket-hold konkurrere på basketbanen om at kalde sig Danmarksmestre i streetbasket, samt kæmpe om præmien på 5000 kr. til vinderne af hhv. senior dame- og herrerækken.

Eventen samler desuden børn og unge fra boligområder i hele landet, hvor GAME’s unge frivillige hver uge faciliterer træninger i gadefodbold, streetbasket og dans for de lokale børn. Sæsonen kulminerer hvert år ved GAME Finals i København, hvor børn og unge fra hele landet møder hinanden på kryds og tværs i gadeidræt, turneringer og opvisningsshows.