GAME Denmark

GAME was founded in Denmark in 2002 with a mission to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture.  GAME’s headquarter is located in the country capital, Copenhagen, where the first asphalted GAME House was introduced in 2010

Currently, GAME Denmark has 19 GAME Zones, where 183 volunteer Playmak-ers lead weekly practices, four GAME Houses that lower the threshold to street sports & culture, a program for psychosocial challenged children and youth, and the MORESTREET program which promotes, supports and grows street sports and culture in Denmark.

Scroll down and read more about GAME’s programs and activities in Denmark.


Playmaker Program in Denmark

GAME Playmakers are young volunteers, who want to make a difference for children and youth in underserved communities in Denmark or in the GAME Houses.

The Playmakers help organize and lead weekly training sessions in street basketball, street soccer, street dance, parkour and other street sport disciplines.  

Read more about our Playmaker Program in Denmark here (DK).  

The Playmaker Program is supported by Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Ministry of Culture in Demark, Det Obelske Familefond, and Ole Kirk’s Fond.

The GAME Houses

GAME has four asphalted street sports houses in Denmark:

GAME House in Copenhagen (DK),
GAME House in Esbjerg (DK)
GAME House in Aalborg (DK) and
GAME House in Viborg (DK).

All the GAME Houses, which are known as GAME Streetmekkas, have given new life to old industrial buildings which compliments the urban street culture architecture.

The GAME Houses are both social hubs for positive communities to unfold and multifunctional spaces to practice street sports in.

It is possible to book one of the GAME Houses in Denmark for different purposes (such as school projects, meetings, events, conferences and teambulding (DK).

Get more info about booking here (DK) or contact us to discuss what, where and how at


GAME’s program MORESTREET will see the establishment of seven innovative street sports facilities around Denmark called Street Hubs, which will be developed and activated in close collaboration with users. Additionally, the program provides counselling and support on street sports and facilities for municipalities and street sports entrepreneurs.

The project is funded by Nordea-fonden and will be co-financed by participating municipalities.

You can read more about the ideas behind MORESTREET right here (in english).

You can read more about the first street hub in Ringe and get updates on MORESTREET here (in danish).

Asphalt Meet-Up

Asphalt Meet-Up is a tailormade parkour project that accommodates children and youth with psychosocial challenges. The purpose of the program is to lower the threshold for physical activity in order to improve social skills and mental and physical health.

Read more about GAME’s psychosocial work here.

Asphalt Meet-Up is supported by the Danish Health Authority, TrygFonden, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS, Østifterne, Grundfos Foundation and Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Silkeborg, Viborg, and Aalborg Municipalities.

Urban Music School

GAME’s Urban Music School creates music communities for youth with a special focus on urban music genres. Here, youth can develop their skills in DJ’ing, beat production or rap, and are given the opportunity to play and perform at GAME’s events.

Read more about Urban Music School in your local GAME House here:

Urban Music School Copenhagen (DK)
Urban Music School Esbjerg (DK)
Urban Music School in Aalborg (DK)
Urban Music School in Viborg (DK).

Price: Its free to participate.
Course length: 10 weeks
Urban Music School is supported by The Tuborg Foundation


GAME business partners

GAME’s business partners support GAME’s work by donating 50.000 to 150.000 DKK per year to support our local and global impact and in return they can use the unique GAME Houses in Denmark for events, meetings etc.

This partnership typically appeals to companies close to our GAME Houses or who has specific thematic connections to GAME’s activities.

Please, see more about GAME Business partners here (DK).