Playmakers at GAME Lebanon

GAME offers youth education as volunteer Street Sports Instructors and role models through annual Playmaker Camps.

What is the Playmaker Camp?

It’s a training day for volunteers to learn how to become Street Sports Instructors and become role models for the kids in their communities. The training equips young people to lead weekly practices in street sports and street culture for local children and youth in their communities.
Empowerment, life skills, teamwork, gender equality, and civil society are part of the
volunteer educationThe volunteers serve as role models in underserved, marginalized, and/or conflict communities. They are an important part of the social change that GAME works toward. 

Who can participate in the Playmaker Camp?
Anyone who is 15 to 25 years of age. The program is free, but participants must be enthusiastic and serious.

What will you gain from participating?
• Development in your personal and professional abilities.
• A great opportunity to gain experience in training alongside young people from different regions.
• Skills that you can use in the future in your studies or in your spare time.
• You will be an important part of GAME and will be counted on you in the future to continue the process of positive change in our community.
• GAME Playmaker International Training Certificate

Interested to become a part of GAME Lebanon?!

Apply now through this link, the doors are open until February 20.