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In Somaliland, GAME works with its primary local partners SOCSA, which is a women-led sports organization, and SCORE, which is a like-minded youth empowerment sports organization implementing GAME’s methodology. 

Together, with exceptional financial and advisory support from CISU and Novo Nordisk Foundation of Denmark, these partnerships are working towards lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture in Somaliland.  


GAMExSCORE: Pathways to Youth Empowerment in Somaliland

GAME in Somaliland has already, together with our partners SCORE and SOCSA established GAME Zones in Hargeisa and Berbera through the ‘YESSSSS Together’ project.

By 2023 GAME Zones will also be established in Borama and Buroa through the current ‘Pathways to Youth Empowerment in Somaliland: Strengthening social cohesion, gender equality and child protection through youth-led street sports’ project and the ‘Social Cohesion and Community Based Protection through Street Sport and Youth Leadership’ project.




We call our volunteers ‘Playmakers’, they make a difference for the children and youth in our GAME Zones.

GAME offers local young people an education as volunteer GAME Playmakers, which are street sports instructors and role models in underserved communities. The education prepares the volunteers to plan and lead weekly training sessions in street sports and street culture and the education is completely free.

You will be trained as a coach in a sport of your choice, and you will be educated on how to organize the practices. Apart from that, you play a central role in the activities in your local GAME Zone.
When joining the Playmaker program, you will gain experience with voluntary social work, and you will get the chance to put your touch on the street activities in your neighborhood. And of course, you will get to join a fantastic community of young like-minded street sports enthusiasts.

Read more about our Playmaker program here.


GAME ends every season with a big sports tournament called GAME FINALS to celebrate street sports and street culture. This yearly event is full of street sports. More than 120 people from different areas in Somaliland are involved in the yearly event.

It’s hosted by GAME and organized by the Playmakers.

Check out the pictures from GAME Finals 2021 here.

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