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GAME engages in unique partnerships with innovative donors from the corporate, philanthropic and public sector to work for common goals on empowering youth in the world and reach the UN Global Goals 

The base of every donor partnership is a common vision to make a sustainable social change and to play on the strengths of every player in the partnership.  A donor partnership can be very local and truly global. It can be the support of a local GAME Zone strengthening the resilience of the local community, or it can be a global partnership that creates thought leadership and innovates the way girls can be included in active communities around the world.  

We define our Donor Partner categories as the following:
Program Donors
Our major donors whose donations are of a significant value, dedicated to the development and implementation of a specific program. Please see examples of Program Donors below.
List all our Program Donors here.

GAME & Friends
These partners support GAME’s work by donating 50.000 to 150.000 DKK per year to support our local and global impact and can use the unique GAME Houses in Denmark for events, meetings etc. This GAME & Friends partnership typically appeals to companies close to our GAME Houses or who has specific thematic connections to GAME’s activities.
Please see more about GAME & Friends here (DK).

Pro Bono Donors are supporting GAME by kindly offering their advice or services to us on a pro-bono basis or with a significant discount.

For direct contact regarding partnership, please contact us by e-mail:
Regarding tax deduction for private partners.


Fighting social inequality
Social inequality in health and well-being is especially evident in underserved housing areas. In Denmark, the Novo Nordisk Foundation is supporting GAME in the ambition to counter social inequality via the program ASFALT. Just some of the findings from the program are ways to include more girls in vulnerability in physical activities and the benefits from participatory design of the program itself. 

Other partners in ASFALT are Ole Kirks Fond, Det Obelske FamiliefondKulturministerietSteno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and Syddansk Universitet

Supporting entrepreneurial youth and initiatives
The Nordea Foundation (Nordea-fonden) has for several years partnered with GAME to support The Danish Platform for Street Sports that is showing excellent results in boosting physical activity in Denmark from supporting entrepreneurial youth and initiatives with micro-grants and mentoring. 

Countering youth unemployment
GAME in Jordan and our partner, JYIF, has initiated the Street Sports Incubator together with a MENA regional partner, DAPP, and the local mobile operator, Zain. The Street Sports Incubator is empowering local youth via training, mentoring and seed funds to create non-for-profit and for-profit initiatives on street sports. The Street Sport Incubator is scaled to Tunisia and Lebanon via our local partners and the EU 

Elevate young people’s voices via music
GAME and SOUNDBOKS share the passion for music and recognize the role it can play in elevating young peoples’ voices and creating positive communities. Together, we believe that street sports and music are compatible in every way, and combining them is a tool to support social change via youth-led street culture.
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