Become a Volunteer


Do you want to make a difference for children and youth in underserved areas of your community? Do you like street basketball, street soccer, street dance or other cool street sports? 

You can become a volunteer with GAME and our partners and be a part of creating lasting social change through street sports and culture. We have different opportunities to get involved depending on your interests and which country you are located in.   


Playmaker Program

GAME offers local young people  an education as volunteer GAME Playmakers which are street sports instructors and role models in in underserved communities. The education prepares the volunteers to plan and lead weekly training sessions in street sports and street culture. The training sessions are based on a peer-to-peer approach which creates the opportunity for the GAME Playmaker to become a positive role model 

Read more about the GAME Playmaker education or go to the Playmaker Program in your country here


GAME House Volunteer

If you live near one of our GAME Houses and you are interested in street sports and developing and  running events to lower the threshold to active communities  in  our GAME Houses, this could be your call. As a GAME House Volunteer, you will gain knowledge about organizing events, how to strengthen your youth-leadership skills and how to become a positive role model for children and youth.  

Contact the GAME House near you to hear about the volunteer program.


Social programs at GAME

GAME offers children and youth with psychosocial challenges active and positive communities. In GAME Denmark you can become a part of a passionate team that holds parkour sessions designet especially to include children and youth with less focus on competition and more on personal development.