Become a business partner

The base of every business partnership is a common vision to make a sustainable social change and to play on the strengths of every player in the partnership. A business partnership can be very local or truly global. It can be the support of a local GAME House strengthening the resilience of the local community, or it can be a global partnership that creates thought leadership and innovates the way girls can be included in active communities.

Our business partner program consists of the following:

Tailormade partnerships
We create tailormade partnerships with larger corporate donors to catalyze change locally and globally. We innovate partnership content, experiences, products, and awareness toward common goals on sustainable development. We are especially strong in delivering positive impact in areas such as gender equity, social cohesion, health, diversity, entrepreneurship, and youth leadership.
For direct contact regarding partnership, please contact us by e-mail:
Please see more regarding partnering with GAME here: (English) (Danish).

Pro bono partners
Pro Bono Partners support GAME by kindly offering their advice or services to us on a pro-bono basis or with a significant discount.

SOUNDBOKS x GAME: Elevating young people’s voices via music
GAME and SOUNDBOKS share the passion for music and recognize the role it can play in elevating young peoples’ voices and creating positive communities. Together, we believe that street sports and music are compatible in every way, and combining them is a tool to support social change via youth-led street culture.

DELOITTE x GAME: Tech and mentoring 
A strengthening of GAME’s tech strategy and a tailormade mentor-mentee-program designed for GAME’s volunteer youth to take part in. Those are among the outcomes of GAME and Deloitte’s new Business Partnership.
GAME teams up with Deloitte in tech and mentoring

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Private Individual Donation
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