Jobs and Internships


GAME is a fast growing, innovative NGO working to change the world via youth-led street sports and culture. We are always on the lookout for talented, creative, passionate, purpose driven and ambitious people.  


DK: Projektkoordinator til Urban Music School, Jylland
DK: Senior Manager, MENA
DK: Instruktør til socialt projekt i GAME Streetmekka Viborg
DK: Instruktør til socialt projekt i GAME Streetmekka Esbjerg
DK: Ferie + weekend afløser til GAME Streetmekka København (studentermedhjælper)
DK: Junior Coordinator til GAME Streetmekka Viborg



DK: Praktikant til GAME Streetmekka Aalborg
DK: Praktikant til GAME Streetmekka Esbjerg
DK: Praktikant til GAME’s Playmakerprogram, Jylland
DK: Praktikant til GAME’s udviklingsprojekt ‘MEREGADE’
DK: Praktikant til GAME’s sociale projekt ‘Med På Asfalten’

LBN: Intern for GAME Lebanon

As an intern in GAME you get the opportunity to try out your skills and create some new ones! If you would like to be part of a crew who loves street sport and want to make a difference for children and young people, please apply for an internship at GAME.
Please keep an eye out for posts on internships here or on our Social Media.

DK: Frivillig Playmaker i et udsat boligområde (hele Danmark)
DK: Frivillig til projekt Med På Asfalten (Esbjerg, KBH, Aalborg og Viborg)
DK: Frivillig i GAME Streetmekka København



This video can give you some insight on our non-profit street sports organization – WATCH GAME ‘The Movie’ here

If you apply for a job or internship, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and competences within:

• Project management and innovation in street sports and street culture
• Coordinating and running events
• Communication and PR (especially on social media)
• Sport and culture as an empowerment method for children and youth

We look forward to working with you!