GAME Kenya

GAME started in Kenya in 2022. Here, GAME has been working in close relation with MIDRIFT Human Rights Network on the project ‘Building Peace and Friendship through Street Sport.’ The mission is to train, empower and involve youth in Kenya.

The program gives the youth the opportunity to use street sports, leadership, and entrepreneurship to make positive changes for themselves and for the children and peers in their local area. Our mission is to empower citizens, state, and non-State actors to inculcate a culture of human rights, good governance, peace, and security in Kenya.

Read more about how we work with youth leadership here: Youth Leadership.

Bridging ethnic and political divides between youth groups in Nakuru, Kenya with GAME and MIDRIFT Human Rights Network

GAME and MIDRIFT Human Rights Network (HURINET) are in collaboration to combine MIDRIFT’s strong leadership program with the potential of GAME’s youth-led street sports program. Interethnic violence and political instability are common results of elections in Kenya. By implementing MIDRIFT’s leadership program with GAME’s playmaker program, both organizations are training leaders in the public and private sectors to collectively work for social change and fight urban violence, while also focusing on empowering (young) citizens to use sport and street culture as a tool for conflict mediation and social cohesion.

Other important and valued partners in GAME Kenya include Tribeless Youth, Shabab Ladies FC, Youth Bila Noma, Renegades Basketball and the Nakaru County Government and Police Force.

Read More about the project here.


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