National Platform for Street Sports

About The National Platform for Street Sports

A platform for street sports will get more children and youth to practice sport. Denmark is flooded with various initiatives on the street, which have been duly boosted by 15 million Kr from the Nordea Fund. The National Platform for Street Sports aims to get more youth and children become physically active. The goal is to improve access to sport, especially for youth that don’t find their way into the established unionized sporting opportunities.

The youth themselves are responsible for organising activities, though there is plenty of help available from the platform for street sports. In addition to the secretariat; the body with the best overview of the activities, there are four fund pools that one can apply for :

  • Capacity building pool (if one needs to be better organised or attain an education as an instructor)
  • Nail and screw pool (If you would like to make a ramp, repair damaged baskets on the local court or assemble a goal to street handball.)
  • Street sports day pool : If you would like to shut down streets to play street tennis or arrange breakdance stunts on the town hall’s marble floors on one day annually
  • The Joker Pool : For all the unpredictable and crazy ideas on the street.


Follow the action when the pools get released via

Meet Semir and Søs, the secretariat for the platform per the 1st of January 2015, here.