21/12-2021GAME enhances physical and mental wellbeing among youth with psychosocial challenges


Participants in a GAME program with parkour activities for children and youth with psychosocial challenges experienced personal and social development. After the program was concluded, they were more physically active, had increased motivation for participation in sports and more were enrolled in sports associations than prior to the intervention. A socioeconomic evaluation shows that already four years after the program, the social return on investment equalises the expenses of the program due to decreased need of health services among the participants.

“It has been fun to try something new and learn new things. And then it’s also fun to participate in something in my spare time,“ says one of the participants.

Go here, for more on GAME’s programs on children and youth with psychosocial challenges.

Go to the full evaluation report from VIVE – The Danish Center for Social Science Research (in Danish).

Meet the volunteers, the instructors, the professionals – and most importantly – the participants in this video (in Danish).

About Asphalt Meet-up
Asphalt Meet-Up is a tailormade parkour project that accommodates children and youth with psychosocial challenges. The purpose of the program is to lower the threshold for physical activity in order improve social skills and mental and physical health.

Asphalt Meet-Up is supported by the Danish Health Authority, TrygFonden, Østifterne, Grundfos Foundation and Esbjerg, Copenhagen, Viborg and Aalborg Municipality.