25/5-2022GAME hosts a special Friday Climate Jam: “It has exceeded all of my expectations” 

Friday the 6th of May was and will always be a special day of GAME.  

Not only because of our Urban Music School event in Copenhagen. Or our street sports practices at GAME Zones all around the world. No. On this specific date, GAME Esbjerg hosted GAME’s first-ever Climate Friday Jam.  

90 local children and youth from all around the city were in for a special climate awareness treat when they participated in different workshops in GAME House Esbjerg focusing on sports and sharing facts about climate change.  

 “It has exceeded all of my expectations. Some of the local children, who often participate in our normal Friday Jams in Esbjerg, were a bit surprised by our climate theme. It took some time for them to get used to this new thing, but then they embraced it”, says Lale Samanci, the local Junior Project Coordinator of GAME Esbjerg.

The idea of a Climate Friday Jam. is a part of GAME’s development towards a more sustainable day-to-day life of the organization – a policy GAME strives to constantly evolve.   

The local children and youth made a tree of climate posters (Click on the picture).

A greener future for GAME

When the local children and youth arrived at the Friday Climate Jam, they were met with the sight of a climate tree where the leaves were made of empty posters ready for the children to write down their thoughts on climate change. From ‘electric cars’ over ‘climate refugees’ to ‘nature conservation’ and ‘our beloved earth’.  

They also went on a ‘trash parade’ where they collected garbage off the road, which they later used for trash street art, while they also did a lot of sports such as parkour and scooting.  

Among the participants of the workshops was nine-year-old Jonatan from Esbjerg. 

I’ve learned to do parkour, and it was really fun. I want to join the practices regularly. I’ve also learned a lot about climate change.”

The day topped off with a complete sell-out of all veggie burgers and Lale Samanci is delighted with the overall positive reflections of the Friday Climate Jam.On that note, she wants to praise a special bunch of people.   

I want to give a huge shout-out to our staff and house volunteers, who were really into the idea of making a Friday Climate Jam. It wouldn’t have been possible to host such a successful event without them”, she tells.

GAME is currently looking at new ways to make the organization even greener in the nearest future.