27/1-2021GAME Lebanon taking part of Youth Resolve 2

Youth Resolve 2 is the continuation of a project funded by the European Union, through the European Union’s Regional Trust Fund, the “EU MADAD” fund, and carried out by World Vision, UTOPIA, DPNA and GAME. The goal of the consortium is to empower youth by providing them with the tools to become leading actors in their communities. YR2 Project Description

GAME will be establishing 30 GAME Zones by 2023, where street-sports facilities will be refurbished. The public spaces will allow host and refugee populations to meet across divides and for local youth to gain experience practicing civil citizenship. This process is followed by multiple Playmaker Camps around the country, to train new volunteers as active members in their community, by being street sports instructors, positive role models, and part of implementing the weekly street-sports activities for the kids in their local neighborhood.

This project also involves the first Street Sports Incubator in Lebanon. The SSI consist of equipping young people with the essential knowledge, skills, and facilities, to be able to develop their ideas, form organizations, and establish businesses related to sports. Read more about the SSI in Jordan.

Check out more details and expectations about the project, including a story from a Youth Resolve 1 beneficiary, all here.

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