15/6-2023GAME teams up with Deloitte in tech and mentoring

A strengthening of GAME’s tech strategy and a tailormade mentor-mentee-program designed for GAME’s volunteer youth to take part in. Those are among the outcomes of GAME and Deloitte’s new Business Partnership.

The future is digital – also when you are working on social change through youth-led street sports. The digital way of working comes with great opportunities, but also with challenges for an organization like GAME.

We work across different countries and across borders and to scale our impact creating even more social change through youth-led street culture, we needed an updated tech strategy in order to eliminate risks on getting our systems hacked, optimizing the infrastructure in our organization and streamlining our procedures. Therefor we are extremely happy to have Deloitte on board as Business Partner,” says Ayhan Can, Executive Director of Facilities and Engagement.

Deloitte is a leading global provider of professional services. They advise organizations, companies and people across industries and borders on everything from cyber security challenges to equality through diversity and inclusion.

In order for GAME to operate securely and grow successfully, we have been working pro bono on mapping out GAME’s tech strategy. GAME’s efforts to bring about social change through street sports is really impactful, and this aligns perfectly with Deloitte’s vision of building trust in communities and expanding the opportunities for the next generations,” says Anders Dons, Nordic CEO in Deloitte.

Also, the heart of GAME’s work – the youth – has been involved in the Business Partnership. Participatory design of programs is pivotal for GAME as it gives youth a platform to empower their leadership skills and readiness to take part in society. Together with Deloitte, GAME and the young volunteers have created a tailored mentor-mentee program for GAME’s volunteer Playmakers, who run weekly street sports practices for children and youth.

Synergy between mentor and mentee
In April the pilot was kicked off at Deloitte, where all mentor and mentees met (picture). They talked and mingled and got the first meeting in the calendar.

This is a safe and professional setting for our Playmakers, where they can talk about everything from careers, networks and education to personal things that fill up their everyday lives – all this together with skilled Deloitte employees. The Playmakers have been over the moon about this opportunity, as it gives them completely new skills and a wider network, which gives them a great start on their education and careers. One of the Playmakers already stated, that this was probably one of the best things GAME has done for him,” says Asmat El Ouargui, Manager of the Playmaker Program.

The developed mentorship doesn’t only go the traditional ‘one way’ from grown-ups to youth.

The mentorship program’s design is of great value for as, as it broadens our consultants’ understanding of young people. Being mentors in an equal relationship with the mentees from GAME’s pilot, we get a unique view on diversity and see the world from new perspectives. There’s so much synergy in this partnership,” says Anders Dons from Deloitte.

The mentor-mentee pilot program runs over a period of five months with a clear expectation of at least four meetings between Deloitte consultants and GAME Playmakers.

Søren Hartung, Partner, Deloitte, member of GAME Engagement Advisory Board, Anders Dons, CEO Deloitte, Samanta Stouenborg, Consultant, Deloitte.

To know more about business partnership with GAME, contact Executive Director of Facilities & Engagement, Ayhan Can.