5/7-2021Meriam Kadoura Lykke, new board member, grew up with GAME 

GAME has always played a special role for Meriam Kadoura Lykke, so it was a ’no-brainer’ to join the board when she was given the opportunity. Now she will contribute to develop GAME and strengthen partnerships with private companies, so that GAME can make a difference for even more children and youth.

A new board member has been added to the list in GAME. The 33-year-old Meriam Kadoura Lykke brings comprehensive experience into GAME from her many years with consulting with headlines such as strategy, business development and leadership communication. 

The first time Meriam Kadoura Lykke became acquainted with GAME was ‘between block two and three’ in Mjølnerparken in Copenhagen, where she grew up.  

“Suddenly I met those cool GAME Playmakers at my block. It was brilliant. I never played basketball myself, but immediately got fascinated by the street culture and the atmosphere that was created when they played basketball with us on the court between block two and three,” she explains.  

Instantly GAME tapped into a period in Meriam’s life where Michael Jordan was lead role in the cult movie ‘Space Jam’, which was played over and over again on the VHS player by Meriam Koudara and her girlfriends. 

When Meriam Koudara once again crossed paths with GAME it was from a business point of view. With her 12 years in Deloitte as a consultant, she brings extensive experience to GAME.

“I look forward to contributing to the private funding area with my strong business network and knowledge – both in Denmark and abroad. I really love to be visionary on behalf of others and find out what it takes for a company or an organization to reach their goals,” she explains and elaborates her motivation for contributing to GAME’s work: 

“I’m very dedicated to do something for the youth in the more vulnerable areas. Through GAME I can do that. It is a good and well thought out concept, which gives the youth inspiration and a concrete example of a path to follow,” she explains.

GAME’s work on diversity, equality and empowerment caught the eye of the experienced consultant already when she was young. 

“Actually, when I look back, GAME was ahead of its time with the Sustainable Development Goals. From the beginning GAME has been working on important things that have suddenly become important to so many people in so many countries. When I first met GAME it was so cool to be among people who spoke English at the events and practices. To be a part of an international community, where everyone was invited was so interesting,” she explains.   

When Meriam Kadoura Lykke needs to recharge, she finds new energy in the nature, which is a perfect example of the importance of diversity according to her. 

“I get recharged in nature, when I go for a walk. Nature is such a beautiful proof of the importance of diversity. When you create biodiversity in a garden, you give your plants the best foundation to survive and thrive. It can take care of itself, there is no need to spray for weeds. Nature begins to take care of itself. That’s how I look at the importance of diversity in all aspects of life. When we humans become curious about each other and open up, we become creative and make the best results.”

GAME is led by a voluntary board, which Meriam was elected to at GAME’s annual general meeting at the end of March 2021.