Since 2015, GAME has collaborated with the Nordea Foundation and street sports communities to provide financial and professional support to over 1,000 different street sports initiatives across Denmark through the project ‘The Danish Platform for Street Sports’. The project has a network of over 120 street sports initiatives.

The results of the project are that more young people have become active and part of a positive community, the number of children and young people practicing street sports in Denmark has increased, street sports have become an arena for working with democratic values, and the informal approach to participation and community of street sports appeals to young people.

GAME’s work in supporting street sports communities continues now with the program, MORESTREET.

The cornerstone is still the close contact with the involvement of and support for street sports environments, and the results and experiences from the previous project ‘The Danish Platform for Street Sports’ form the basis for a new effort, where the focus is more on creating future meeting places for children, young people, and street sports actors. One goal of the program is also to ensure sustainable financing and the possibility of distributing funds to street sports actors. The new initiative is also supported by the Nordea Foundation.

MORESTREET will focus on:

1. Promoting and growing street sports through counseling and knowledge sharing for actors and municipalities
2. Developing models for the future street sports meeting places, called Street Hubs
3. Continuing the asks for sustainable state funding for street sports

GAME offers professional support, counseling, and knowledge sharing to street sports actors and municipalities. Through conversations, meetings, meet-ups, and advisory processes with individual actors and communities, GAME will work to promote and grow street sports all over Denmark.

With the support of the Nordea Foundation, a new opportunity arises to develop future street sports meeting places for young people and street sports actors. These meeting places are called Street Hubs and are street sports meeting places based on local needs and desires. They are therefore developed in close collaboration with local practitioners and actors, citizens, young people, the municipality, and architects. The first Street Hubs are now being developed, and over a five-year period, GAME will develop and build a total of seven Street Hubs distributed throughout Denmark.

Ever since the distribution of lottery funds in Denmark has existed, street sports communities have been left out. At GAME, we have been working since 2015 to change this, and it is a task that continues. The goal is that in the future, we can continue to offer funding to street sports actors and strengthen the potential of street sports to enhance young people’s well-being and get more children and young people involved in active communities.

Facts about MORESTREET
MORESTREET is a new program in the street sports organization GAME that creates user-involved street sports and uses it as a lever for increased sports diversity. The program will develop seven innovative facilities around the country, which will create a framework for street sports and culture – developed and activated by young people and in collaboration with local street sports communities. In addition, MORESTREET will offer advice, create a network among street sports actors, support communities and entrepreneurial individuals directly, and advise municipalities in making or refurbishing inclusive and active street sports communities and facilities.

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