13/5-2020Volunteer of the Year in GAME: Mohammad Abdullah Naser Obeid

Mohammad Abdullah Naser Obeid is awarded ‘Volunteer of the year 2019’ in all of GAME at GAME’s general assembly in March 2020 for his outstanding commitment and work with children and youth in GAME Zone Irbid in Jordan. 

Young volunteers are at the core of GAME’s mission. Every week more than 1000 GAME Playmakers and volunteers across GAME’s programs and countries are active drivers of positive, inclusive and inspiring communities through street sports and street culture. In Jordan the GAME program is a partnership with the local organization, Jordan Youth Innovation Forum  (JYIF) and supported by the Danish-Arab Partnership Program (DAPP).

Jordanian Mohammad Abdullah Naser Obeid is one of GAME’s outstanding Playmakers. He is awarded ‘Volunteer of the year 2019’ in all of GAME and he is a great example of the fire spirits of volunteers in GAME.

Volunteering as a game changer
The core of GAME is the people in the field with fiery souls and commitment to their work. Just like Mohammad.

Volunteering has been a part of his life since he was 15 years old. He used to help keeping the streets in the city clean, paint the sidewalks and coach children from his city in different sports before he joined GAME’s Playmaker Program.

Mohammad thinks that volunteering at GAME has brought a great positive change for him.

– GAME is now an important part of my life. Making new friendships from other cities gave me a different perspective in life, and having our goals aligned will help us work as a team, Mohammad says.

82% of GAME’s Playmakers worldwide state that they have more motivation to do other volunteer work or help shape their community after attending GAME – also 94% of the Playmakers worldwide find that they have learned things, through their volunteer work in GAME that they can use in other areas of their life.

Empowering people
Empowerment, life skills, teamwork, gender equality and street sports. This is all part of GAME’s Empowerment Model, which every Playmaker in GAME is taught in order to empower them as persons. GAME built the Empowerment Model to increase individual life skills, social life skills and the community level of the Playmakers to improve their life and make them great role models.

Mohammad believes it has a positive impact on both him and others.

– GAME’s methodology is affecting many lives. I have learnt that all the efforts to provide safe zones for the kids to practice street sports, will affect the future generations positively, Mohammad says.

Making a difference through sports
For Mohammad the most important thing in volunteering is to help others through sports, which is why he appreciate the work that GAME does. The common goal of wanting to help and empower people through sports is what really motivates Mohammad.

– One of my life goals is to spread the culture of sports in my city because sport should be for all. Through volunteering, I agreed with other Playmakers to show basketball in Mafraq, so young people get a better understanding of basketball, among other non-famous sports, Mohammad says.

GAME’s activities in Jordan is supported by DAPP (Danish-Arab Partnership Programme).

To learn more about GAME’s Empowerment Model go to GAME’s Annual Rapport 2020.