20/4-2022“Working with youth empowerment and young talents is fantastic” 

Swiss Philippe Furrer joins GAME’s Board of Directors. Throughout his career, Philippe Furrer, has developed a passion for working with youth, sports and empowerment. Therefore, he was in no doubt about joining the board of GAME, when he was given the opportunity.

If you combine sports and youth culture, you can, if you do it right, create youth empowerment and that has become essential in the work-life of 50-year-old Philippe Furrer, who is the new board member of GAME.

“Working with youth empowerment and young talents is fantastic. It has become a true passion for me,” he tells before adding:

“I think role models can inspire kids to join sports and discover the joy of it and therefore also adopting more active and healthier lifestyles. However, the challenge is to go beyond inspiration and to empower youth and talents by providing them with a toolbox and enabling them to lead and take up responsibilities. We can stand by them as mentors if they want, but it should be up to them to design, develop and to implement their own solutions.”

Working with youth and providing them empowerment-tools is and has always been a core element of GAME. Therefore, Philippe Furrer, is really proud of joining the organization.

“I think we (GAME) shares a passion for youth empowerment, but the way GAME does things impresses me. The systemic way of combining sports with dance, street culture and the use of GAMES’ empowerment model is so meaningful and impactful.”

The first time Philippe Furrer became acquainted with GAME was in 2018 through a former colleague. Since then, he met CEO and co-founder of GAME, Simon Prahm, at several occasions and visited GAME at the Copenhagen GAME House twice.

“Both my trips to Denmark have been fantastic and a real eye-opener. The activities you do are unique in GAME, and I love the way you design programs and believe in your people. I really love the spirit,” Philippe Furrer explains and adds:

“I’m basically in love with GAME and I’m keen to get to know the mechanics of the organization on a larger scale.”

Bringing extensive experience to GAME
With Philippe Furrer’s more than 15 years’ experience of being a part of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), where he has recently worked with young athletes’ education and youth engagement, he will bring some of his extensive experience to GAME.

“I think I can bring in some interesting opportunities and connections to GAME and potentially help the organization to explore new grounds. Furthermore, I hope that my work-experience with young athletes and empowering young social entrepreneurs can be beneficial,” Philippe Furrer tells but makes it clear:

“I say all of this in full humbleness. I’m sure that GAME have gone way beyond what I have experienced throughout the years, and I’m honored to be a part of the board. I can’t wait to get started.”

GAME is led by a voluntary board, which Philippe Furrer was elected to at GAME’s annual general meeting at the end of march 2022.

You can read more about Philippe Furrer and the other board members right here.

Photo© Silvana Pizzirusso