2/12-2021Youth leaders in Lebanon Build Dreams

“According to a new project in Lebanon, youth leaders can help solve the problems regarding access to safe public spaces for children and Youth. The tools are empowerment of Youth and the goal is to build dreams.”

Lebanon’s Youth Building Dreams is a Youth-led project that aims on establishing public spaces in 8 localities around Lebanon through the Youth, called Dream Builders, who will take on the lead in advocating and creating public spaces for sports and activating them by hosting free weekly street sports activities.
This project is implemented by GAME and NAHNOO as the main implementing partners and is funded by the Danish International Development Agency, DANIDA, to strengthen social cohesion and civic engagement in Lebanon starting 2021 until 2023.

NAHNOO is a youth-led non-governmental organization rallying volunteers across Lebanon to work towards an inclusive society through advocacy campaigns that promote: Good Governance, Public Spaces, and Cultural Heritage.

With the launch of the project, GAME and NAHNOO hosted the first Dream Builder Camp in 2021 with Youth from 8 of the targeted location around Lebanon, Ghazieh, Abbasieh, Sarafand, Abra in the South, and Bteter, Qasqas, Karantina, Borj Hammoud in Beirut and Mount-Lebanon Area.

Building Dreams

The 32 young Dream Builders set the project off at a 2 days’ workshop developing their roles in the project and learning how to be active citizens in their communities.
The Dream Builders will be leading the assessment and mapping regarding the need for the public spaces with their local municipalities to see the requirement of their communities and to set a plan and a vision for the inclusive and safe spaces they will create.

The young Dream Builders think that participating in this project is an opportunity to activate their communities and give something back.
Joseph is a Dream Builder in Abra, South of Lebanon, and he is excited about participating in the project:
“Being on this team is a realization of: Life is a game, and we’re the players. So, let’s play it! Not only are we playing the game, but we’re laying the groundwork for younger generations to take part in inclusive sports activities, and that’s the true value of this project. This sort of positive impact is what I set out to deliver to my society.”

In December, the team in GAME Lebanon, together with NAHNOO, goes to Denmark to share knowledge with the expertise of the municipalities in Copenhagen, and other local actors, in advocacy and public matter.

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