Privacy Policy

Privacy policy in GAME

GAME strives to provide full transparency about what we do with the data we have on you and where we get it from. This privacy policy offers a description on how GAME handles your personal data.
You have a right to know how we collect, store and share your personal data. GAME’s policy is thus based on rights, consent and transparency. You have the right to always have insight into what personal data, we have and to withdraw any consent.
Our organization is based in Denmark and thus adheres to European laws on GDPR. Often, GAME works with partners outside of the European Union and has branch offices outside the European Union. We have a website and two apps that transcend boundaries. Even when working globally or outside the European Union, GAME always follow the standards of the GDPR in an effort to maintain transparency and ensure the rights of our users and visitors.

• When you visit a website owned by GAME, we will be placing cookies on your device that allows to further improve the quality your experience and function on the website.
We do this because you’ve shown interest in GAME, and we will like to make sure that you’ve stayed updated on our activities, campaigns and much more.
• What is a cookie?
 It’s a small text file that our server is sending to your browser where it will be stored on your computer’s harddisk or on your mobile device. The file stores internet settings and will remember these settings until your next visit from the same device, where the cookie and the information in it are sent back to the origination website. By that, the website will register that it has been opened using this browser before, and in some cases it will then vary the content it shows.

Some cookies are useful because they improve the user experience on the website by making it easier and more effective for you to use the website. Other cookies are essential – necessary cookies – and enabling features without them will not make you able to use the website as intended.

We do not process information about user behaviour that is collected through cookies in a way that can connect behaviour to specific individuals.

• On the web platform and mobile applications GAME ACADEMY you can use many – but not all – of the features without logging in. However, certain features require logging in order to be fully used, as this log in allows the user to store information (for example, the agenda for a basketball practice they made) with the program.
• If a user chooses to create a log-in, they are required to provide some information:
• A user name
• An email address
• A password
• If a user chooses to create a log-in, they have the option to provide further information:
• First and last name
• Gender
• Date of Birth
• Phone number
• Country
• Preferred language
• A statement about why they are interested in this platform
• In summary, registration and a log-in allows GAME to improve the user experience.
• If an account is inactive for more than 1 year the account will be deactivated and your data will be deleted.

• When you use the Wi-Fi at the GAME indoor street sport facilities, we get to know your mobile device’s network address. Other than that, it’s an open network and all users stay anonymous.

• At GAME events we will shoot photos, video and audio recordings and therefore you might appear in some of our photos or recordings. If your name and quote are being used in publishing of the footage or audio, we’ll ask permission and approval to use the content in any commercial contexts. Be aware that you can always withdraw your consent by contacting us at
• If you choose to participate in our events, you can appear in footage alongside other participants. When this happens, we always show a high standard of dignity in footage published.
• We store pictures for 5 years.
• If you’ve any questions or you’ll like us to remove one or more recordings from our platforms, please contact:

• We would like to see your images on the social medias and therefore, you can tag it #weloveasphalt. We might use it on our social media accounts. 
We do a screening of the images and we prefer to see happy faces, people playing and participating in street sport and cheerful moments.
If you don’t want to be reposted and/or tagged by us, you can make your post private or avoid using #weloveasphalt.
• When you visit a Facebook page owned by GAME, Facebook will collect data about your visit and your interactions with the page. This enables us to target digital ads on Facebook for you. We do this because you’ve shown an interest in GAME and we would like for you to be updated and informed about what is happening in our organization.
All users are anonymous to us.
• If you’ve any questions about our social media accounts or would like us to remove one or more images from our accounts, please let us know:

• Regardless if you’re a member, donor, volunteer, participant or staff – or just visiting our website – we are obligated to process your personal information to such an extent that we can partly provide you with the service that you’ll need but also, so we can live up to the obligations we have as an organisation.
• As a part of GAME whether you are a member, volunteer or staff ect. we’ll collect some information about you. It depends on your position in GAME which information will be required from you.

• As a member of GAME, we’ll gather the following information about you:
• Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth and information on a contact person if you are under 18 (name, phone number, e-mail address). In some projects we’ll collect the name of the members school.
• We’ll gather this information to handle our activities and trainings, but also to handle the membership conditions, communication, events and payment of fees upon entering our GAME Houses.
• A membership in GAME lasts for lifetime. However, you can always tell us to delete your membership and personal data. Please contact
• All personal data on participants in specific projects will be rendered anonymous after three years and only the sum of all collected data will remain.

• You can be a volunteer as a playmaker, a house volunteer or an event volunteer.
• As a volunteer in GAME we’ll gather the followings information about you:
• Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, Facebook profile name.
• We might also collect the following sensitive information:
• Information about child protection certificate
• Information about your health (allergies, diagnoses ect.)
• We’ll gather this information about you to handle communication, meetings, administration in relation to external relations (including municipal partners), but also to handle health condition, training camps for playmakers and to fill out a RED form when travelling in middle or high-risk countries.
• All personal data on volunteers will be rendered anonymous after three years.

• As a member of our staff we’ll gather the following information about you:
• Name, address, e-mail address, phone number and a written warning if received.
• As an intern we’ll store the information about your studies.
• We might also collect the following sensitive information:
• Information about a valid work permission
• CPR-number
• Information about your health (allergies, diagnoses, sick leave ect.)
• Information about your child protection certificate
• In some cases, it’s necessary for us to collect personal information about you from others. For example, SKAT and Criminal register.
• We’ll gather this information about you for administrative and practical reasons including administration of employees in relation to payment of wages, allowances, tax reporting and security, but also to handle a contract, health conditions in relation to sick leave or maternity leave etc., a work valid permit, child protection certificate and communication.
• We store contracts on staff up to 5 years after the end of the employment for administrative reasons (year out + 5 years).
• We store the information on interns up to 6 months after the end of the internship for practical and administrative reasons.

APPLICANTS (The Danish Platform for Street Sports)
• When you reply for means from the Danish Platform for Street Sports we store your application while we process your application. Thereafter we store your contact information and you will be part of a network of Street Sports operators and be kept updated on what happens within the field of Street Sports. If you do not want to be part of this network, please contact the Project Manager Rasmus Hansen,
• If you get fund we will store your information for five years after the project has been finished due to follow-up on the fund.

• Are you a contributor in GAME we’ll use your information to manage your deposits, to report to SKAT about your contribution (optional to you) and to handle communication with you. We do this because you’ve shown an interest in our brand and therefore, we would like for you to be updated and informed about what is happing in GAME. We keep your name and e-mail. Other information will be deleted as soon as SKAT confirms receiving information for tax deduction.

• When you sign up for being part of GAME or you reply for means from the Danish Platform for Street Sports you’ve shown an interest in our organization and therefore, we might send you a newsletter or invitations. We do this because we would like for you to be updated and informed about what is happing in our organization. You can always unsubscribe these emails.
• When you contact us at we’ll save your mail until you get the answers you’ll need. Thereafter we make sure that our e-mail correspondence will be deleted within 6 months after we’ve received your mail.

• The data in GAME’s possession is locked in and protected by passwords – and the same is the case with our data processors. We work closely with our suppliers and monitor that they comply with the agreements.
• At every given moment you can ask to see what personal information we store on you.
• If you want to see and/or delete your data, please contact us at
• You have the right to take exception to the way we handle your information. Contact us at

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy from time to time. When we do this, we change the date on this side. You will find the privacy policy in force at the time in question on our website.

Latest update: March 2020