Urban Music School lets you live your dream: “It’s important never to give up”

Do you often find that your favorite song never comes on when you’re on the dance floor? Or do you sometimes find yourself at events where the DJ completely misses the mood? Maybe you sometimes think it would be better if you were the DJ yourself?

If that’s the case, then GAME Urban Music School is definitely for you.

Here, you not only live the dream of learning to DJ, but you can also receive instruction on how to produce your own music from scratch or improve your rap skills. Everyone is welcome – whether you simply want to share your love of music with like-minded individuals or whether you have the big dream of making music your livelihood someday.

Never give up
Urban Music School takes place in a pulsing, dynamic atmosphere in GAME’s four Streetmekka locations in Copenhagen, Viborg, Esbjerg, and Aalborg. Among those who regularly breaks out the DJ gear is 23-year-old Sebastian Ong. He has dreamed of trying his hand at being a DJ since childhood.

When you’re young, you often look at the DJ and think, “Wow, it would be cool to control the party like that.” Everyone has probably thought that if they love music,” Sebastian Ong says before adding:

I’m not saying I’m going to control parties from now on, but thanks to Urban Music School, I know what it’s all about. It’s not just important to make cool transitions, your choice of music is also incredibly important.

Sebastian Ong started at Urban Music School in 2021, took a break, but started again in 2022. And it’s a decision he hasn’t regretted.

The program has not only improved his skills as a DJ, but it has also taught him how important it is never to give up when trying something new. That it takes time to become good at a craft.

I lost interest because it was difficult in the beginning. But then the instructor at Urban Music School contacted me and asked if we shouldn’t give it another try – and I did. Since then, I’ve learned a lot.

“Whether you’re into football, basketball, DJing, or something else, it’s always hard in the beginning. You easily think, “The other participants or players are better than me,” but if you give it a proper chance, you quickly get to know the others, and it also becomes much easier to learn, he says.”

There’s room for everyone at Urban Music School
Sebastian Ong is far from the only one who knows the feeling of being the “new” one in the room. 21-year-old Fibi Koci is also a regular participant in the program, and she says that Urban Music School is more than just a musical space where you can improve your skills.

“I’m new to Denmark and don’t know the language or culture, so I worried about feeling left out. But when I stepped into the room, it was a safe place from the start. No one worried about where I was from or what language I spoke. Even though I sometimes was the only one who didn’t speak Danish, everyone chose to speak English,” she says, adding:

“I’ve felt so inspired by getting to know a lot of new, cool people. Different people from different backgrounds. And we’ve learned so much from each other.”

Before Urban Music School, Fibi Koci had never tried DJing, but she threw herself into it when she stumbled upon Urban Music School on social media and

“After the first lesson, I was sure I would never learn it, but then I slowly started learning more and more from time to time – about how to mix a track or just individual buttons.”

“If you work hard and give it a proper try, you can learn anything,” she says.

Fibi Koci has now been a part of Urban Music School since spring 2022, and although she has lit up the dance floor at several events, she is not sure what the future holds.

One thing is for sure though: She has discovered something she loves.

“I am really grateful to have discovered Urban Music School because I have found a new passion. I want to do things in life that I love, and I really love DJing. It would be amazing to make a living getting people to dance one day, and I feel like I have found my own DJ style, which I hope people will embrace in the future.”

Urban Music School is supported by Tuborgfondet and takes place in GAME’s four Streetmekkas:
GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen
GAME Streetmekka Esbjerg
GAME Streetmekka Viborg
GAME Streetmekka Aalborg

You can read more about Urban Music School here.

Sebastian Ong mixes music at Urban Music School.