Empowerment Method

The GAME Empowerment Method empowers youth by enhancing their life skills through street sports. This model is the foundation of the social change that GAME works for. Life skills are the fundamentals behind working with all the GAME volunteers and they are embedded in all GAME Playmaker Camps and curriculum, in documentation of the impact and down to every one of the drills in the e-learning platform GAME Academy.




Life skills refer to the skills needed to effectively deal with the changes, challenges and opportunities of daily life. Life skills are competencies built over time, and they work on different levels.

The GAME Empowerment Method works with three levels:
– Individual Life Skills Level
– Group Life Skills Level
– Community Level

The skills are personal abilities to deal constructively with oneself, to deal with others and to actively engage in society.

Life Skills are also integrated in GAME’s MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning). The GAME user survey from 2019 shows that 93% of all volunteers across the world have learned things that they can use in other areas of life, 81% have increased their motivation for participating in volunteer work or shaping their community after participating in GAME, and 87% got to know people with another background than their own.

By enhancing the life skills of youth, GAME enables them to take leadership roles and to take a broader societal responsibility in addressing issues relevant to their community. These life skills help young people become active citizens, who are able to make their voices heard and to be co-creators of peaceful, equal and democratic communities.



The Empowerment Method is embedded in every aspect of GAME’s work – down to every drill being used in GAME. The GAME Academy is an online and publicly accessible education curriculum and exercise toolbox that enables motivated people in and outside GAME to access tools and resources to start up their own activities out on the street, no matter where they are. All drills in the GAME Academy are rated according to which life skills they develop.