GAME works with entrepreneurship for young people. Young people have huge development potential. Young people are courageous, innovative and restless, they have an urge to be creative and have high expectations for themselves and their communities.

To unleash this power, GAME is not only providing training and meaningful roles in community programs but also direct economic resources to create new opportunities for young people to grab.



Since January 2018, GAME in Jordan has been partnering with the Danish-Arab Partnership Program and the local Jordan Youth Innovation Forum (JYIF) on the Street Sports Incubator giving youth the opportunity to use street sports, leadership and entrepreneurship to make positive changes for themselves and for the children and peers in their local area.

In Lebanon the SSI has started in 2021 as a part of the Youth Resolve II program supported by the EU. For more, please go to GAME Lebanon or follow the GAME Lebanon Facebook page.



The Street Sports Incubator will strengthen entrepreneurship and youth employment in a region where youth unemployment has reached 40%, and with the devastating toll the corona crisis has on the whole world, many young people have little hope for the future. The project supports young people’s ideas with seed funding, counselling and mentoring, in order to transform their ideas into viable business start-ups or non-profit initiatives.

For more on the Street Sports Incubator, go to GAME in Jordan and Lebanon.

“I never dreamed about being the first to open a parkour club in Jordan, being only 16 years old. Now I have a passion to follow and I will keep working on it,”
– Tareq Ababneh, received seed funds in the SSI in Jordan



In Jordan, the Street Sports Incubator is addressing the immense youth unemployment problem by fostering entrepreneurship. Everywhere GAME operates, it’s a non-negotiable point of delivery to address.

In Denmark the opportunities for being physically active are numerous. But a lot of children and youth do not participate in the traditional sports associations. For some, the barriers are social, cultural or economical. For others, organized, adult-led sports every Tuesday and Thursday are not attractive. This leaves far too many outside the traditional sports. GAME‘s Danish Platform for Street Sports’ goal is to unleash and support the entrepreneurial skills among youth on street sports initiatives. The program supports youth on a journey from idea-generating, through applying for microgrants, to implementing the idea, making partnerships and reporting on impact and finance.

For more in the Danish Platform for Street Sport, go to GAME in Denmark.