Female Empowerment

The existence of gender inequality in sports is well documented. According to WHO, 85% of adolescent girls globally do not meet the current recommendations of physical activity. This imbalance calls for rethinking how we develop, design and organize activities in order to make sure that all girls can find their way to active and positive communities.

Since GAME’s earliest days, gender equality has had a pivotal place in all our strategies, programs, innovations and operations, and the goal for GAME is to create opportunities that meet the needs and interests of girls to attract and sustain their participation in physical activity.

Involve girls as co-creators
An important step towards the development of new solutions that are more appealing to girls is to adopt a user-centric approach that is curious and exploratory. This will increase the chances that new innovative outcomes reflect the wishes and needs of girls. Below you find recommendations and guides for engaging girls who are currently not active from programs and research that GAME is a part of.

10 Recommendations to include girls in sports
– Based on an explorative approach to knowledge about girls’ leisure time, their motivational factors and needs, as well as what barriers that may arise when it comes to sports participation.

From Girls’ Perspective: This Is How A Sports Facility Should Look Like
– A Danish Insight into Girls Perspectives on Sports Facilities.

Catalogue on Knowledge and Inspiration: Making Sports Facilities More Attractive to Girls
Catalogue on Knowledge and Inspiration: Making Sports Facilities More Attractive to Girls_DK
– Based of GAME’s experience contributing to the development and organization of sports communities, so that many more girls and women want to join, GAME, in collaboration with The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, has developed a knowledge and inspiration catalog that shares insights and learnings. 

Girls Engagement Guidebook
Girls Engagement Guidebook_Danish
– A practical guidebook designed to support getting more girls into sports. The guidebook is part of the ‘She Got Game’-program that aims to increase girls’ engagement in physical activity. GAME is a part of the program that is supported by ERASMUS+.
For more, visit the She Got Game website.

Half of the world’s population is female. This means that half of the world’s hopes, resources and skills to achieve thriving societies, communities and individuals, lie in the hands of women and girls. Yet, all over the world, girls and women have fewer rights and opportunities. From chores binding them to the household, to their pursuit of power over their own body, to participation in sports, leadership, political and economic decision-making, women and girls lack equality. This hinders the individual woman and girl, and the world is missing out on the power of these people left behind.

Sport Lives in All of Us
This video ‘Sport Lives in All of Us’ is made by GAME’s young, talented, female illustrator Emilie Lenau Klint. The video illustrates the poem “Sport Lives in All of Us” by the young, talented, female basketball player, poet and activist Asma Elbadawi.