Innovative Facilities

GAME establishes innovative facilities called GAME Houses, which are paved street sports houses.

Here everyone can meet and engage in various activities. The goal is for street sports and street culture to be accessible to everyone – even when the weather does not allow it. In sun, rain and wind. All GAME Houses help create and strengthen communities around street sports and culture.

Have a look at the establishment process of our GAME Houses here.

The GAME Houses have a strong focus on sustainability in terms of the reuse of old buildings and materials into new functions. The urban street culture architecture complements the industrial history of the buildings with their raw and distinctive character and keep the construction costs down compared to traditional indoor sports facilities. So does the partnership model working with local private, public and civil-sector partners to keep the economic threshold for the members and participants in the GAME Houses to an important minimum, in order to deliver on social sustainability in the facilities.


Go to our existing GAME Houses here:

Go to GAME House Copenhagen, 2010
Go to GAME House Esbjerg, 2016
Go to GAME House Aalborg, 2018
Go to GAME House Viborg, 2018

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Sustainable interior design and involving the communities who will be using the facilities is an important part of the process of building GAME Houses. Before and after the opening of the facilities, the users are invited to take part in several participatory workshops. The old doors from the laboratory in GAME House Aalborg were transformed into benches and tables. The industrial lighting fixtures, which previously provided light for the windmill factory in GAME House Viborg, are now the homes of green plants, and the ventilation ducts in both facilities have been made into trash cans.

In 2010, together with the Municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark, GAME opened its first street sports facility in an abandoned railway depot in Copenhagen. Today, this facility is a headquarter for street sports and culture in Copenhagen, and the first of four GAME Houses that all has partnerships and user involvement at their core.

Since then, GAME hos transformed three more industrial buildings, and an old shipping container, into street sports facilities and street sport hubs.


Outdoor innovative facilities

GAME also develop and refurbish outdoor facilities for street sports in underserved communities. The goal is to create safe and inclusive spaces for physical activities and positive communities. In the Playmaker Programs the outdoor facilities are grounds for the youth volunteers to lead weekly practices in street sports for local children and youth. The same goals goes for GAMES’s entrepreneurship programs like the Danish Platform for Streetsports and the Street Sports Incubator.


Including girls

GAME has more than 10 years of experience in building innovative facilities that lowers the threshold for participation. In partnership with The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, GAME has developed Recommendations on How to Create Inclusive Sports Facilities for Girls, An Insight Into Girls’ Perspective on Sports Facilities and A knowledge and Inspiration Catalogue on Making Sports Facilities More Attractive to Girls.

Take a look at a Friday Jam in the GAME House in Aalborg: