Street Sports & Culture

GAME uses street sports through a ’Sport for Development’ approach to bring positive change into the lives of children, youth people and communities.


But why street sports and not just sports?

Street sports have a special potential to take on the barriers that keep many children and young people from being active, because the sport can be organized informally, is free, takes place close to home and has few requirements for facilities. They can be practiced in public urban spaces on local playgrounds, in schools, and parks and urban spaces.

Street sports are sports that are most often practiced at street level and it is usually practiced in self-organized, informal, social and flexible communities of practice. Some originate directly from the street, e.g. skateboarding, scooting, break dance, etc., while others originate from classic sports, but are adapted to the urban space and the urban culture , e.g. street basketball, street soccer, etc.


Youth-ledership and Empowerment Methods

Street sports has the potential of making a social change, but it is not necessarily so. When we design programs, we put youth in the driver’s seat, involve participants, built on empowerment methods and work in partnerships to ensure that all activities are open, inclusive and bear the power of social change.

GAME arranges practices, tournaments and events for children and young people in Africa, Europe and the Middle East as well as in GAME’s street sports houses in Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Aalborg and Viborg. All activities and facilities aim to lower the threshold and include more children and youth in the positive, social communities of sports.


Street Culture

Sports are GAME’s tool for social change, but music has always also played an important role for the organization. Hip-hop, RnB, rap and DJ’ing are all part of the street culture and it sets the tone for all GAME’s activities both in the GAME facilities and on the streets. The GAME houses offer Urban Music Schools in partnership with VELUX FONDEN.

GAME is not only providing training and meaningful roles in community programs but also giving youth the opportunity to use entrepreneurship to make positive changes for themselves and for the children and peers in their local area.

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