Youth Leadership

Youth is the core of GAME’s mission. They are the strongest image of change. Young people all over the world raise their voices to a roar in the effort to affect the world with demands for political change, climate action and to be heard.  Therefore, youths are to be given a driver’s seat, listened to, supported and included if we want sustainable change and a better world. 

GAME offers youth education as volunteer street sports instructors and role models through all our programs, such as the Playmaker Program, the Asphalt Meet-Up and the GAME Houses. 

They learn to lead weekly practices in street sports and street culture for local children and youth. Empowerment, life skills, teamwork, gender equality and civil society are part of the education and the volunteers serve as role models in underserved, marginalized and/or conflict communities. 

The GAME Playmaker Program is for young volunteers and consists of annual weekend education camps, weekly training in local GAME Zones and annual events like GAME Finals and Street GAME. 

Meet Issa Al Sabeh, Volunteer Playmaker of the year in GAME 2023 here.

Being a part of GAME and the Empowerment Method, the volunteers bring their learnings to other spheres of their lives: school, jobs, friends and family.

The children, who participate in the practices in the GAME Zones and GAME Houses, are included in physical activity and equipped with skills to grow into youths and adults who are healthy and empowered human beings and citizens. The children also bring this to their friends and home to their siblings and parents.

Read how Playmakers and GAME work with life skills to pass on to youth and children here.

GAME has activities in countries in Europe, The Middle East and Africa and are free to join. 

Please go to the country of your interest to explore the local work with Youth Leadership and to apply for being a Playmaker here