Enghavevej 82D
DK – 2450 Copenhagen SV
+45 7020 8323

GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen
Enghavevej 82D
DK – 2450 Copenhagen SV
+45 3323 6665

GAME Streetmekka Esbjerg
Nørrebrogade 1C
DK – 6700 Esbjerg
+45 3141 5055

GAME Streetmekka Viborg
Nellikevej 2
DK – 8800 Viborg
+45 5355 5055

GAME Streetmekka Aalborg
Kridtsløjfen 10
DK – 9000 Aalborg
+45 3141 0020

GAME in Ghana
GaMashie Development Agency Premises
Cleland Road, Jamestown
Accra – Ghana

GAME Jordan
Jordan Youth Innovation Forum
7th Circle, Opposite Royal Jordanian and the Arab Bank,
Ayman Al Malkh Building, Office 306 (3rd floor)
Amman, Jordan

GAME Lebanon
Furn el Chebak,
Bou Chedid Center, 7th Floor
Baabda, Lebanon

GAME in Somaliland

Near Cosob Mall

GAME Tunisia
3 Rue des Entrepreneurs
Avenue de Paris
Tunis, Tunisia

Code of Conduct

If you observe or are exposed to misconduct from GAME, its staff, volunteers or any people representing GAME, it is very important that you let us know.

Mail to:

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