Ghida, Playmaker in Lebanon

Name: Ghida Chahine

Age: 20

Role in GAME: Playmaker
GAME zone: Chaiah, Libanon

Gender equality through physical education

Ghida Chahine er Playmaker i Lebanon. Here she tells how GAME is contributing to gender equality in the country.

GAME’s activities are aimed to create an open society that accept and respect others and take away all the differences between each other including gender differences.

I think GAME worked not only on the sports development but also on life skills development of us and the players, by creating an atmosphere of equality between genders and giving the opportunity for girls and boys from different ages and neighborhoods to be part of the physical education activities, which created a better communication and dialog between participants.”

Working on a better tomorrow

The activities that we did with KAFA was very beneficial since KAFA is a well-known organization in Lebanon and they are experts in Gender Equality. They opened our eyes to new concepts and gave us confidence that we can do the change and make our society better.

Being in an organization that focuses all the time on creating equality between genders and developing the technical sports skills, in despite of the participants different religious, national, and economical backgrounds is a great idea. This is why I want to continue to help others to reach a peaceful society that is free of violence and inequality.